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CLE Cuarenta Robusto

Origin: Honduras
Wrapper: Honduran Habano
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Honduras
Strength: Medium
Vitola: Robusto
Size: 5 x 50
Age: N/A
MSRP: About $5.95

CLE Cigars was started by Christian Eiora who was the former president of Camacho cigars. Three lines are cigars are currently available and manufactured in the Tabacos Ranchos factory in Honduras. More information can be found on their website.

What We Have Been Smoking

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Segment: Choosing The Right Cigar To Give

    • First Time Smoker – I tend to give the first
      time smoker something mild, but not completely flavorless. Sure, there
      are lots of mild cigars, but the problem is if their palette is not
      refined yet, they will miss all the subtle flavors. I like to give a
      medium body, smaller cigar. The last thing you want is someone puking in
      your smoke room. EP Carrillo, Arturo Fuente come to mind. Also, make
      sure its not expensive as I find first time smokers almost never finish
      a full cigar.



  • The “I only smoke Cuban’s” Smoker – Here is where I
    like to mix it up with someone. Give them a nice Padron, it will be so
    different from what they normally smoke that they will often appreciate
    it. If you want something more like a Cuban, Tatuaje comes to mind.
  • Occasional Smoker – I still tend to stick with a
    smaller cigar, and here is where you can up your price tag a bit. Maybe
    the occasional smoker has only had some of the more popular and
    reasonably priced cigars on the market. Hit them with a Davidoff and see
    if they like it. Its also a change to turn them on to some of the
    boutique brands, such as Viaje, Four Kicks, etc..
  • Female Smoker – This is a tough one, not all women
    enjoy mild non-flavored cigars, you don’t want to overpower them with
    something too strong, but they may also not like flavored cigars. Go
    with a small size is always best. If you go flavored, try a Java by Drew
    Estate. Non-flavored try a corona size cigar that doesn’t pack too much
    punch, like an EPC New Wave Connecticut.
  • “I only smoke brand XYZ cigar in size ABC” Smoker
    I keep hearing about the “guy” who will only smoke Ashton Aged Maduro’s.
    You know what? You can’t fault them, they know what they like and they
    stick to it. While you really want them to branch out, they just like
    one particular cigar. So give it to them unless they are in a mood to
    try something new (which is unlikely).
  • The Cigar Geek – This is one where you just have to
    ask. Get the stuff in your humidor that’s aged, special, limited, not
    available in their region and try to stump them. Ask them what they
    like, what they want to try, and dig deep to find it.
  • “I Smoke Those Cigars From The Gas Station” Smoker
    – This person does not deserve a cigar from your humidor, so you can
    either tell them you are all out of smokes or give them something you
    are trying to get rid of.
  • The “Rocky Patel” Smoker – Many smokers will order
    from popular online shops, and smoke the everyday type cigars. 5 Vegas
    comes to mind, along with Rocky Patel. Here is a change to wow them with
    a boutique brand, or a Cuban perhaps.


Contest: Five pack of CLE Cuarenta Robusto’s

Question: What does CLE stand for and why was the name Cuarenta chosen for this cigar?

Congratulations to Rudy R. who correcty answered;

CLE stands for Christian Luis Eiroa and Cuarenta means “40” in spanish. The cigar was called Cuarenta because it was launched in tribute of Eiroa’s 40th birthday.