I couldn’t resist revisiting some of my favorites. Sure, I try a lot of different stuff (Cigars) for the show. But I went back and tried some stuff buried in my humidor, from two of my most favorite brands on the planet:

IMG 4804

Such as the EP Carrillo Dark Ritual from 2011 pictured above. This cigar is every bit as good, and flavorful, as it was when it first came out. It has smoothed out, lost a little in the strength department, and pours deep, dark, rich smoke like there is no tomorrow.

IMG 4784

Next up is the Padron 1926 40th Maduro. Nothing but great things to say. When you get about to the half way point, the flavor kicks into HIGH GEAR. I mean, you kinda get lost in the rich chocolate sweetness that prevails in the second half of this cigar. This was an enjoyable treat for sure!

They are both box worthy, so go get some now! You can still find both of these smokes online or in the local shops. Get them now, what are you still doing here?