IMG 4844
Bought a box to honor the birth of my son, these are awesome smoke, very smooth, my favorite green cigar hands down.

IMG 4857
Stay away from this one and smoke all of the other preferidos.

IMG 4859
Just okay, nothing to write home about, buy two, one to smoke and one to age.

IMG 4864
Not a bad smoke, really nice with a cup of coffee in the morning. Buy a few to mix it up and don’t fear the grass.

IMG 4866
Just okay, not memorable.

IMG 4870
Not a bad smoke, doesn’t wow you but try one to se if you like it.

IMG 4871
Great first third, but doesn’t hold up in the long haul.

IMG 4872
Solid smoke, doesn’t change up, but delivers nice flavors throughout the entire stick, reasonably priced, medium strength, buy em’ and smoke em’ when you are looking for a no nonsense cigar.