Since I missed Episode 50, I decided to catch up on the unbandeds from listener “Gravity”.

Unbanded #1 had a rich Nicaraguan profile that was a solid medium. This cigar had one the best burn and draw’s I have had in a long time. Certainly “Box Worthy” but imagine my surprise when I listeded to the show and found out it was a Cuban puro that is customed rolled for CoH. “DOOH”

Unbanded #2 also had a rich profile and I was certain had Nicaraguan tobacoo blended with tobacco from elsewhere (because I am never wrong…haha). Again performance was perfect and I greatly enjoyed it. I thought this Petit Corona had a bit more nicotine strength that would probably settle down with some more age but certainly a solid “Fiver” IMO. When I found out it was the Intemperance BA XXI from Roma Craft I was not surprised as they seem to be rocking it with their new releases. I had actualy just picked up a few singles of a different vitola the other day but had not had the chance to smoke them yet.