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It was tough to find information on this cigar. The Destino al Siglo comes in a white box and there is a 1912 to 2012 written on the front. Translated Destino al Siglo means “Destiny to Century”.

This was a great stick, despite the tight draw, it had some unique earthy flavors. It was a solid medium smoke. The balance was a tad off, but that could have been from the draw. I think if you bought one of these sets you need to age them for at least a year. It wasn’t a bad smoke, but it didn’t have the Wow factor I would expect from such a limited release expensive set.

In the November of 2012, 2,012 Don Carlos Edición de Aniversario Double Robustos will be released in the Destino al Siglo four-cigar box set. Each of these Double Robustos will have a secondary band with “Destino al Siglo” on it.

2012 Destino Al Siglo Travel Humidor with 4 Rare Vintage Fuente Fuente OpusX Cigars (1 BBMF, 2 Tauros the Bull, 1 Don Carlos Edicion De Anniversario Double Robusto) – White Color (450 Released out of 2012)