Wrapper: Cuban
Binder: Cuban
Wrapper: Cuban
Vitola: Salomon (7 x 54)

This was my “EPIC” cigar gifted to my by listener Tim (Gravity). Rolled by master roller, Jaime Hamlet Parede of the Partagas Factory. Tim stated these had two years of age on them and were originally rolled with four year old tobacco.

The smoked was buttery and smooth up front but almost immediately after lighting it, stopped drawing. That’s when I noticed the front of the Salomon (at the thickest ring gauge) seemed soft. After struggling with it for a few minutes, I decided to clip off the first inch and half (cringe) and relight. The draw immediately opened up and copious amounts of smoke was produced.

I had not read anything on this smoke and did not realize it was Cuban. Once I relight however, I immediately picked up that Cuban Twang. It quickly settled into a medium bodied mix of wood, spice, nuts, and citrus. Very enjoyable. I had no further performance issues and I was able to enjoy the remainder of this cigar for another hour. While I was disappointed in not getting the full experience, this stick is certainly worth a try if you come across one. One caveat, however. I have seen some older forum posts selling them for about $40.00 a cigar. Ouch

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