So, my first thought was, wow, cigars and beer are big down here in Franklin, TN. I much prefer coffee or scotch with my cigar, but I do love beer so I am always at odds with pairings. I figured I’d give it a shot, when in Rome I guess, so I headed over to Franklin Cigar:

IMG 5148

The people in the shop were SUPER nice. The place is only 6 months old, and it shows, great ventilation system, nice comfy seats and a great selection of beer:

IMG 5150

I had a stout that was just awesome, something along the lines of “turtle stout”. It had really nice flavors!

IMG 5151

I smoked a La Aurora Ruby Tubo, and wow, just wow. With some age on it (this one was from my humidor) it was awesome! Outstanding flavors, glad I picked up a box of these and sat on them, they are a treat to smoke!

IMG 5152

They had a decent selection, I picked up a few sticks and would definitely return for great service, great beer, and nice atmosphere. Check them out online (and on Facebook)