This week I went back and revisited 2 cigars and tried another for the first time from the vaunted Viaje Exclusivo line up, all because I have had my interest peaked by the new jars that will becoming out witht he second release of the Double Edged Sword.  The first of which is not pictured, but it was the Short.  Released in 2011 and met with some critical discord.  Some people, myself included, loved the smoke others, while others thought it was overpriced.  IMO these are doing very well and if you come across one try it for sure.  The second was the first release of the Double Edged Sword, released in July of 2010.  This is another tremendous smoke.  These are smoking incredibly and should be sought out.  The flavor right from the get go is outstanding.  The final is the new Super Lance released in May of this year.  I found this smoke to be under filled and smoked kind of hot.  I even went back and checked the other 4 that I bought and they all seemed a little spongy.  So after all of that I have to say that I am still undecided as to whether or not here is a jar in my future, but I have to say that this is a blend that is one of my favorites.