3 3/4 X 46 Short Corona
Nicaraguan Puro

When I heard the news that Davidoff was going to make a Nicaraguan Puro for the first time I did not know what to think.  In my ind Davidoff is so closely associated with the DR that it just seemed so foreign and it sparked my interest greatly.  So, i guarantee that you have never felt a wrapper from Nicaragua that is this smooth.  It was completely devoid of tooth and veins and was impeccably rolled.  When i lit it, dark chocolate and coffee flavors were so prominent that it took me off guard.  Then throughout this little stick pepper and spice as well as a creaminess came out as well, all the while there was a little hint of grass in the background.  I’m not sure if that slight grass was in my head being a Davidoff but none the less I think I still tasted it.  This was my smoke of the week by far!  Even at a hefty 10.50 for such a small stick this is box worthy all day and will be smoked relentlessly during the winter months by me.