Paul Gamirian Symphony 20 Salomones

Wrapper: Not disclosed
Binder: Havana Seed
Filler: Four Complex Tobaccos
Salomones: 6 7/8 x 57
Price: 21.00 (listed by Jack Schwartz Importers)

The Paul Garmirian Symphony 20 line was created by Henke Kelner and Eladio Diaz to commemorate Paul Garmirian Cigars’ 20th anniversary back in 2010. THe Salomones cigar was highly recommended by our very own Stogie Santa.

The cigar starts out with cream, toast, and cedar. It transitions early to a toasted nut and peppery profile with notes of grass, cream, and (later on) bready notes in the background. As the cigar progresses, the pepper does slowly build up. The cigar never becomes a spice bomb allowing all of the flavors to shine. The flavors start out medium bodied, and progress to medium to full by the 1/3 point. Toward the end, the flavors move into the full-bodied range. The strength is never overpowering as it stays medium.

For a salomon, this cigar burns and draws like a champ. Something I don’t often say about a salomon.

Overall, a cigar to fight Chuck Norris for….

As a special bonus, Stogie Santa wanted to actually see my smoke this. Through the magic of YouTube, I made this happen.