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I had the opportunity to meet Willie Herrara this week. In short, awesome guy! He was rolling some fresh cigars, his own Estali blend. He said some interesting things, there is a limited release coming out which will be a lancero size. This will be limited, one and done, and I believe coming out later this year. He will also release a new blend, a maduro, which will feature all new box pressed sizes.

The short corona is an awesome little cigar. I bought a box because its really good, but I think it will get better with age. Its got some punch, some spice and pepper that grabs your attention, typical of Nicuraguan cigars. There is an underlying sweetness, that is sublet, and comes and goes, and thats what really turned me on this cigar. The other sizes are good, but I lean towards the short corona in this size, as construction is well done.