Illusione 88 Claro
Wrapper: Candela
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
88: 5 x 52
Price: $8.79

Around the 2011 timeframe, Illusione released candela wrapper versions of three cigars in their “original documents” line (88, 888, and the HL). Many people considered this a groundbreaking candela release.

Overall, this is an excellent candela release and I thought it smoked excellent in the robusto “88” size. The cigar delivers notes of wood, cream and even some sugar cane. The first half had more in the way of sweetness and the second half had more of a spicy kick. I remember this cigar almost having a “layered cake” taste back in 2011, but didn’t quite pick that up this time.

Like most candelas, this will not overpower you with strength as it is mild to medium. The notes are medium-bodied and deliver plenty of flavor.

My burn did require a little maintenance. I would categorize it as “good” as opposed to “excellent” as it required many touch-ups.

It’s definitely worth of a five pack.