Davidoff Nicaragua Robusto

Davidoff Nicaraguans

I smoke a lot of the short corona, and recently I bought some Toro and a robusto. The short corona is jam packed with flavor, spice and everything nice. They did a great job with this size, balancing the flavors and strength.

The Toro is an awesome ride. It has a lot more change ups than the short corona. It starts off medium, then kicks into high gear. Along the way you get spice, pepper, and an awesome medley of flavors that you find in some of the best Nicaraguan cigars.

The robusto is yet a different experience….

My top pick: Toro. For me the short corona is just too short and I think this blend is best represented by the Toro size as it delivers in a big way. Buy a fiver of the short corona and Robusto, and get more of the Toro.