I have made it clear that I think Pete Johnson had a huge year in 2013.  First, the Cohete is a 4 X 50 short robusto exclusive to Tower Cigars.  Previously on Episode 53 I said that it was a box split.  I would confirm that rating.  In fact the cigar is very similar.  The woody flavor, sweetness and earth are still present and the strength has held up over the past year.

The next is the Regios Reserva, 5 1/2 x 50 Robusto has a Connecticut broadleaf maduro wrapper over the traditional brown label blend.  Originally I rated this smoke as a fiver, but stated that I thought it was far off from the Noella.  I am happy to say that this smoke is definitely getting better.  The dryness seems to have subsided, and the dark chocolate flavor has come forward, especially in the middle third.  I would say that I would improve this rating to a box split, but I am encouraged with the fact that this smoke is trending up.