For $95.00 fans of Tatuaje can get one of the most fun 10 count boxes to smoke. While we are in no way endorsed by Tatuaje, I have a lot of great things to say about this idea. The lancero size is not popular with the masses, however for cigar nerds like us, its a goto size. The 10 count box contains 7 1/2 x 38 lancers of many of Pete’s blends. Some have been previous released, and some are currently only available in this box (they are highlighted in bold below):

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Image courtesy of New Havana Cigars


  1. 7 1/2 x 38 Selection de Cazador (Brown Label)
  2. Private Reserve (Black Label)
  3. El Triunfador Original
  4. El Triunfador
  5. Cabaiguan
  6. – This medium body offering is really great. I smoked it in the morning with coffee, and was pleasantly surprised as to how much flavor came off this smoke. It had some spice, then settled down with a slight creaminess and nutty profile. Love it. In fact, I’d buy an entire box of these.

  7. Cabaiguan Guapos
  8. – Slightly stronger offering the Cabaiguan line, very nice smoke, nice subtle sweet flavors. I’d give this one a fiver.

  9. Havana VI
  10. La Riqueza
  11. – Not a bad offering in the lancero format. Flavors were good, but not as balanced as I would have expected. In this one, I much prefer the robusto. This is a try one.

  12. La Casita Criolla
  13. – I have to say, I am not much of a fan of this line. I smoked a few different sizes, and they were a try one at best. This blend in a lancero format it a home run. I loved it! My expectations were a little lower, however I just had a feeling about the lancero size. And it works really well in this size, almost a fruity component, very flavorful. Box split for sure.

  14. Fausto

If you’re a fan of Tatuaje, you gotta grab at least two boxes of these, one to smoke and one to age. I got my box at Mr. J’s Havana Smoke shop (Call them at (401) 822-0536, they may have some left, or not, but in either case they carry the full line of Tatuaje cigars!). If you want to experience some awesome lancers, this is the box for you. Its priced right, and you won’t be disappointed. The lancero seems to be making a comeback, with Nat Sherman, Viaje, 1502, and several others producing great cigars in this size.