Wrapper: Maduro
Binder: Maduro
Filler: Maduro
Robusto: 5 x 50
Price: $10.20

This cigar was assessed in depth on Cigar Coop.

The EIROA CBT Maduro is the second blend to be released under CLE Cigar Company EIROA brand. It was a year ago when the first EIROA was released – which was a Honduran puro. It was one of the most unique Honduran puros I smoked This year another installment is positioned – this time an all-maduro blend called the EIROA CBT Maduro. The CBT stands for Capa Banda Tripa which translates to wrapper, binder, filler. All three of these components are maduro.

The EIROA CBT Robusto is going to have notes of mocha, white pepper, and earth. The mocha was not overly sweet and it delivered more of a subtle sweetness. I found more of the mocha up front, but as the cigar experienced progressed the mocha and earth notes alternated in intensity. The pepper remained constant and really didn’t surge at the end.

From a strength and body perspective, I found this cigar similar to the original EIROA – namely medium to full strength, full-bodied. The construction was excellent.

Overall a very good cigar. It did lack some complexity. It’s natural wrapper sibling is some firm competition. I still gave CBT Maduro a box split.