Stogie Geeks

On Friday November 14, Stogie Geeks will be broadcasting all day in support of Cigar Rights. We are asking for 100% of our viewers / listeners to either join Cigar Rights of America or commit to another year.

We will have guests and segments throughout the whole day. We will be raffling off prizes as well. The following is a list of guests scheduled to appear and is subject to change.

    Glynn Loope, Executive Director of Cigar Rights of America
    Robbie Streiz, A.J. Fernandez Cigars
    Phil Zanghi, Debonaire Cigars
    Paul Joyal, Ocean State Cigars
    Todd Lo Scola, Havana Cigar Club
    Nicholas Melillo, Melillo International
    Rafael Nodal Boutique Blends Cigars
    Victor Vitale, Legacy Brands
    Seth Geise, Seth’s Humidor
    Dave Burck, Cigar Jukebox
    Logan Lawler, CigarChat

Our regular Thursday show will not take place due to the Friday show.