La Colmena Amado No 36 by Warped Cigars

Wrapper: Ecuadorian DeFlorada
Binder: Ecuadorian
Filler: Nicaraguan and Dominican
Country of Origin: United States (El Titan de Bronze)
Amado No. 36: 6 x 36
Price: $12.50
Cigar Coop Review: La Colmena Amado No. 36 by Warped Cigars
Show Video: Episode 132

Just prior to the 2014 IPCPR Trade Show, Warped Cigars announced a new line of cigars called La Colmena. This is a line that comes out of Little Havana’s El Titan de Bronze and features an Ecuadorian DeFlorada wrapper. When La Colmena was announced, Warped Cigars was a pretty much an unknown in the cigar industry. In less than nine months, the company has established a name for itself and its cigars have caught the attention of some of the biggest retailers in the country. Today we take a look at a third marca in this line called the La Colmena Amado No. 36. This is a panatela offering – and one of the thinnest in the whole Warped Cigars’ catalog.

The vitolas in the La Colmena line share several similar qualities, yet each will its own story to the table. The Amado No. 36 will deliver notes of cedar, pepper, and herbs. There are some notes of cream and fruit, but these seem less prominent. The notes started out medium-bodied and progressed to medium to full-bodied by the second half. Meanwhile I found this to be a medium strength cigar.

I liked the other sizes better because they had more sweetness and cream, but this was still w very good cigar. I assessed this as a box split.