Credo Special T Cutter

The Credo Special T is a cutter that actually is two cutters in one. It contains two cutting holes. One will cut cigars up to a 58 ring gauge. The other will cut cigars up to a 36 ring gauge. Credo is a company that is based in Marseille, France. Arango Cigar Company handles the U.S. distribution for Credo products.
This device absolutely has worked flawless on any type of cigar I have used – parejo or figuardos. I pretty much used the larger hole for the parejos and the smaller holes for figuardos. For about six days of consistent usage (about 18 cigars), I found each cut to be consistently clean with no wrapper tear.

The Credo Special T is as good as it gets. I found it very simple to use. This was not something I had to think twice about when using it, and it became natural very quickly. I found it did the job it needed to near perfect – namely cleanly cutting my cigar. The only drawback is if you are smoking the larger ring gauges of 60 and over, this is probably not going to be the device for you. However at $14.95, you cannot find a better value. This is a must have accessory for every cigar enthusiast – novice or experienced.

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