Stogie Geeks, the cigar industry’s leading podcast is proud to launch our all-new web-site designed to enhance the experience with our programming. As a part of this change, the live stream for our Thursday night “Big Podcast” will return to be hosted on our web-site.

You can easily navigate to the new podcast by clicking on “Live Stream” on our home page, or simply add to your bookmarks and you are all set to go.  The “Big Podcast” will start at 8:30 PM Eastern Time on Thursday nights. We will have a live chat up during the show. With this change, our live stream will no longer be seen on Cigar Federation. We thank the team at Cigar Federation for the support over the past couple of years.

The launch of our new web-site is the culmination of many months of enhancements we have made to both our content and back-end infrastructure.

Content-wise, in addition to our Stogie Geeks and Cigar Coop brands, we have added two new programs to our web-site. The new shows keep to the theme of being a “show for cigar enthusiasts by cigar enthusiasts”. “Stogie Geeks Shorts” provides a quick ten minute show based around a single topic, a single cigar, or a single brand.  Our other new program “Stogie Geeks News” is designed to give you not only the cigar industry headlines, but insights from Paul and Will on how these will impact you as the cigar smoker. Plans are in development for new programming coming in 2016 as well.

The “Big Podcast” will continue to be the anchor program of Stogie Geeks. We are the only weekly cigar podcast with multiple cameras. We will continue to bring you our staple segment “Stogies of the Week” supported by our one of kind Stogie Feed. We will continue to tie cigars together with everyday life during our “Debonaire Ideal” segment. Of course you will see interviews and cigar conversations with the top names in the business. Over the past two years we’ve had guests such as Jorge Padrón, Jose Seijas, Jonathan Drew, Phil Zanghi, Jose Blanco, Rafael Nodal, Christian Eiroa, Rocky Patel, Nestor Miranda, Erik Espinosa, Eddie Ortega, Skip Martin, Robert Caldwell, Matt Booth, and many many more. Not to forget, we set the record for the longest single day cigar-dedicated broadcast last November, and plans are to try to match that again this year!

During these past few months, we have significantly invested in our infrastructure to support all of our brands, including the Stogie Geeks Big Podcast. We went from operating in a backyard workshop to operating out of our own (not shared) state of the art production studio in Warwick, Rhode Island. In addition, we have added many other enhancements. These include new cameras, new computers, new back-end servers, flat screen monitors, set design, our mobile “Studio C” setup, and an industrial strength production and distribution system for our audio and video content.

We remain tightly integrated with our Cigar Coop brand – a proven industry leader in cigar news and reviews. This is a brand that has never missed a day of publishing original content since July 3, 2012. This helps contribute to our brands providing the total cigar media experience.

We invite you to take a look around, and let us know what you think.