The La Aurora Blending Seminar was given by Manuel Inoa, the master blender at La Aurora. Manuel came to the Havana Cigar Club and provided this awesome seminar, which consisted of:

– Smoking all four blending components of the Preferidos blend (Peruvian, Brazilian, Nicaraguan and Dominican puros)
– Smoking the fully blended cigar in the form of the Cameroon wrapped Preferidos #3
– Smoking a churchill sized cigar with all of the different wrappers from the Preferidos line

These kits can be purchased from the Havana Cigar Club for $49.99 by calling 401-287-4250.

Below Paul and Will take you through the four components of the filler and the fully blended La Aurora Cameroon Preferidos #3.

Puro #1: Peruvian

Puro #2 Brazilian

Puro #3 Nicaraguan

Puro #4 Dominican

Preferidos Cameroon