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This was gifted to me by my dry cleaner. I wanted to review this for education purposes. This is clearly a fake cuban! The first thing that jumps out at you is that its packages in cellophane. To my knowledge, there are no cuban cigars on the market that come in cellophane. Also, the wrapper is way off. Its ugly, has veins and rustic. The shape is way off too, it comes close to a 6.5 x 42 Montecristo #1, but even still the dimensions seem off. The foot was flattened, not sure how this happened, but it got flat. I believe this was a short filler cigar, judging by how mushy it felt, the flat foot and the way it smoked (very hot and not great flavors).

Thanks to Jiunn Liu, he also clarified the fleur-de-lis is off center (WC).

Show Video: Episode 182