Mi Querida Ancho Largo by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust

Overall the Mi Querida Ancho Largo is a home run by Saka and Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust. It’s a cigar that has an excellent and unique flavor profile. As I mentioned, the musty quality of the earth notes really added something to this cigar. The “natural sweetness” of this cigar delivered balanced out the earth /must combination perfectly. In terms of the retro-hale and aroma, it should not be dismissed as a part of this cigar experience. Much like the Sobremesa, I found both of these components an integral part of this cigar’s enjoyment.

One final point. I’ve smoked several Mi Querida Ancho Largo cigars over the past 60 days. This is a cigar that is responding very well to age, so I am curious to see what the longer term aging will mean for this cigar. Right now it’s at the Chuck Norris level.

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Country of Origin: Nicaragua (NACSA)
Ancho Largo: 6 x 52
Price: $9.50
Cigar Coop Review: Mi Querida Ancho Largo by Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust
Show Video: Episode 204

Stogie Geeks Rating: 4.5-Fight Chuck Norris For Them