Raul Flores:

Raul Flores, but sometimes they call me Mr. Flowers, I’m the marketing director and graphic designer for C.L.E. Cigar Company. My first job was in a cigar shop in Coconut Grove as a sales representative many moons ago. The “Latin Thunder” was the manager at the time! I then went to Miami International University of Art and Design for graphic design. After graduating, I was the art director for Wynwood Cigar Factory. It was during this time that I created the Original Eiroa and Eiroa CBT cigar ring designs. I have so much passion for cigars and tobacco. I’ve been in and out of the cigar industry for about 5 years now since I’ve also been pursuing other projects along the way. I feel very privileged to be able to do what I love with a company that I believe in and am incredibly passionate about. My goal for this company is to take the company image to the next level and increase brand awareness.

Joe Hozempa, Russ Evers, and Aaran Leyland do Stogies of the Week. Here are the list of Cigars Joe has smoked:

Joe’s Sticks:

  1. Viaje C-4
  2. Augusto Reyes Criollo
  3. Carlos Toraño Exodus 1959
  4. La Aurora Preferidos No. 2 Maduro

Russ’ Sticks:

  1. Liga Privada 9 robusto
  2. Blind Man’s Bluff robusto
  3. Cain
  4. Gurkha Royal Challenge

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