It’s the Stogies of the Week with reviews and commentary, Nelson will have some news stories along the way.

Nelson’s Sticks….
Espinosa Comfortably Numb Vol. 2 6×52 Toro
Charter Oak Habano 6×52 Torpedo
Dunbarton Tobacco Sobremesa 5.25×44 Corona Grande

Joe’s Sticks….
Noel Rojas Bluebonnets
Esteban Carreras Mr. Brownstone Subscribe to our YouTube Channel

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Stogies of the Week


Joe Hozempa

Joe Hozempa – Host at Stogie Geeks


Joe Hozempa is the Sales Representative for Security Weekly. He has years of experience in Marketing & Positioning, Business Consultant, Business Development, and as a Talk Show Host. Joe is the Co-Host for the Stogie Geeks Show. Joe isn’t afraid to tell it-like-it-is, and is usually found drinking a Bloody Mary. He is found boxing it up at the local boxing ring or smoking a cigar at the cigar shop.

Joe is a business and family man that won’t be rocked by the hills of the world. A solid man with solid cigar reviews. Joe is a tobacconist that always follows his palette. His favorite cigar is the Tatuaje Pork Tenderloin and anything in Paul’s “F*** Off” section.