Stogie Geeks #287

Interview: Jon Huber

Jon Huber | Founder – Crowned Heads Cigars

Cigar industry veterans, Jon Huber & Mike Conder, founded Crowned Heads Cigars. Jon along with his partner Mike both share a long history and also worked together at CAO Cigars as the Director of Lifestyle Marketing. Jon knows a lot about what it takes to bring a brand to market. After hours of hard work, concentration on social media and listening to a lot of music for inspiration, their efforts have paid off. Crowned Heads philosophy – When the rules don’t make sense, carve your own path. It’s been quite an impressive path, too, with cigars like Las Calaveras, Four Kicks, La Imperiosa, Jericho Hill, and J.D. Howard Reserve, to name a handful of their successes.


Joe Hozempa

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