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Interview: Cornelius & Anthony Premium Cigars

Steven Anthony Bailey | Co-Founder and President of S&M Brands, Inc.

Steven Anthony Bailey is the co-founder and President of S&M Brands, Inc. Steven specializes in new product development, trade, and consumer marketing; and his responsibilities include P & L, company vision and tactical strategy, new product development, product distribution, staff management, and state level government affairs.

For 150 years the Bailey family has passionately cared for the land they cultivate in Keysville, Virginia. In addition to growing the finest Virginia Flue Cured and Burley tobaccos since 1866, the Bailey family portfolio includes divisions for every type of tobacco. In 1994,Steven and his father, Mac Bailey, started a small cigarette company using the finest leaf grown on their farm. The business grew substantially during the late 1990’s and early 2000’s; and a subsequent division was created that produces small cigars and pipe tobacco. In 2016 Steven launched Cornelius & Anthony; rounding out the family portfolio with premium hand-rolled cigars.

From the beautiful rolling fields of Virginia, the Bailey Family is one of the oldest names in tobacco ancestry and has emerged as part of America’s tobacco heritage. The Bailey farm has endless rolling fields of tobacco sprinkled with traditional curing barns built in the 1800’s.

“My family has been growing tobacco within our region of southern Virginia since the1860s. My longstanding admiration and appreciation of fine cigars prompted the idea to pay homage to my family’s tobacco history and dedication to the leaf with a premium cigar company baring the name of my great-great grandfather, Cornelius.” – Steven Anthony Bailey

Cornelius & Anthony is named after Cornelius Bailey, the first known Bailey family member to farm tobacco in the southern piedmont section of Virginia, and Cornelius & Anthony’s founder, Steven Anthony Bailey.

“Tobacco runs in our blood and has for generations”, says Steven. “We continue to grow tobacco in the same area as Cornelius did to this day.”

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