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Stogie Geeks #291


Interview: Dan Davison, Queensbury Cigar & Pipe

Dan Davison | Sales Manager at Queensbury Cigar & Pipe.

Dan Davison is the Sales Manager at Queensbury Cigar & Pipe. His unique experiences in the industry include managing Rhode Island’s oldest tobacconist The Humidor Smoke Shop, to being the Northeast Sales Representative for Kristoff Cigars. He joins Hollywood this week for an interview!

Today we discuss sticks we’ve been enjoying, sticks of the week, and setting up 2019!

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Cigar Reviews:

Joe’s Cigars:

  • La Barba Purple
  • Comfortably Numb by Espinosa Vol. 1
  • León Jimenes Prestige
  • Black Works Studio Sindustry
  • FSG Belicoso by Drew Estate
  • Dan’s Cigars:

  • Perdomo 20th anniversary CT
  • Davidoff Winston Churchill
  • Kristoff Vengeance
  • Bandolero
  • Montecristo White Series
  • Check out the previous interview with Dan Davison!



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