Stogie Geeks #299


Interview: Jack Toraño and Nick Goss

Jack Toraño | Director of Sales @Espinosa Cigars
Jack Toraño is a well-known personality in the premium cigar industry, being one of the only members of the famed Toraño family remaining in the industry after General Cigar Company acquired the brands of Toraño Family Cigars in 2014. In 2016, Jack rejoined the Toraño brand, being hired by General as the Toraño brand ambassador.

Nick Goss | Director of Sales @Espinosa Cigars

About Espinosa Cigars

Espinosa Cigars is a premium cigar company committed to creating cigars of superior quality. Our goal is to offer our customers, the right cigar for every moment, for every occasion and for every mood.
Our cigars are as unique as we are; our blends are the perfect marriage of flavor and strength, the perfect Espinosa cigar is waiting for you.
In 2018, we are ready to take things to the next level, to leave our mark, and make our own history, one cigar, one blend, and one day at a time.
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Everyone knows Joe Hozempa. The “Italian Stallion” of the Rhode Island cigar culture. Joe isn’t afraid to give a cigar an average review. He knows what he likes and isn’t afraid to say it.

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