Stogie Geeks #338

Date: August 21, 2020

Show Overview:

This week Drew, Nelson and Joe review what they have been smoking with Sticks of the Week. Cigar news- Premium Cigars Receive Historic Relief from FDA Regulations, a 20-cigar sampler for just $69.99 with FREE SHIPPING on your entire order on this Exclusive Deal, and stuff you might need to know right here on Stogie Geeks!

Stogies of the Week

Stogie of the Week

La Unica No. 400 Natural 4 1/2 x 50

Drew’s Sticks

Sindicato Particulares Robusto 6 X 52
Drew Estate Florida Sun Grown Robusto 5 X 54
Micallef Experiencia
Casa Cuevas Habano 5 x 52 Robusto

Joe’s Sticks

La Unica No. 400 Natural 4 1/2 x 50 – Stick of the Week!
Quorum Maduro ToroQuorum Maduro Toro
San Lotano Oval Connecticut


Joe Hozempa | Host of Stogie Geeks

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Everyone knows Joe Hozempa. The “Italian Stallion” of the Rhode Island cigar culture. Joe isn’t afraid to give a cigar an average review. He knows what he likes and isn’t afraid to say it.


Andrew “The Band Man” Galvan | Co-Host

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Andrew Galvan works in the Insurance Industry (Property Loss Adjuster). Andrew’s love for the cigar has been cultivated over the years and he made a goal to learn about the cigar business from seed to consumer. Thus, he has endeavored into the cigar business with Prestige Cigar and Tobacco in Bedford Texas aside his dual career.

“The Band Man”- Every time I smoke a cigar, I have a ritual. Going in I look at the cigar, the construction, color, smell the foot, taste the cap, I gently caress it in my fingers. Then I cut it, most time it will be a Deep ‘V’. I then look at the band, I read it, I study the artwork and fonts of any symbols or numbers, I imagine the person rolling this cigar and then putting the finishing touch of the band… I collect the bands and keep them as gifts of appreciation from the Tobacco growers, and procurers of said cigar. I become one with this cigar, I toast it, I wait patiently for the filler, binder, wrapper to ignite, the first hint of aromas fly through the air like an Aaron Judge Home Run…. Beautiful.
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