IMG 5269

Wow, just WOW! When Mark Jr gave this to me he stated the gold band was a bit suspect. He was implying that it could be a fake Cuban, as the writing was a little weird on the band which read “Edicione Limitada 2006”. I reviewed the label, and the font did seem a bit off. I lit this bad boy up and as soon as smoke started to enter my senses, I stated “Nope, this is real”. There was an explosion of flavor, and it was distinctly of the Cuban variety. The first third was amazing, and the same sweet and cedar flavors continued throughout the entire stick. This was my smoke of the week by far and hands down an Oasis smoke. I have not enjoyed a cigar so much in quite some time!

Cigar Inspector review: He stated in 2010 that in 3-4 years this cigar would be amazing. They should play the lottery!