Viaje Satori 2013 Zen

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Interview: Iconic Leaf


  • What did you do before you decided to get into the cigar business?
  • What sealed the deal for you to get into the cigar business?
  • Where does the name “Recluse” come from and what does it mean?
  • With all of the different tobacco available to blenders, what factors go into the decision on of what to use?
  • How did you come up with the Kanu shape and what makes it unique?
  • With 10 vitals available, how much choice is too much? How much is too little?
  • Tell us a bit about the Sidewinder Blend
  • Are your limited editions truly limited or will you re-release them under the same or different names?
  • Describe the process of entuabado rolling, where did it originate and how do you use it today and what are the advantages?
  • Who do you admire most in the cigar industry and why?
  • What is you more favorite cigar to smoke from your own blends? What about your other favorite blends?
  • What’s next for Iconic Leaf?

To summarize his lines:

The company has two cigar lines. Cigar Coop is loaded with info.
Recluse Draconian

Recluse was introduced with a whopping total of 10 VITOLAS last year There were three kayak shaped vitolas launched called Kanú in that line. The company is in the trademark process for the shape.

Recluse Draconian is the 2013 release that launched just prior to IPCPR. There were six vitolas and three of them use a partial box-press called Sidewinders. This is another interesting vitola.

They also own their own factory called Tabacaleras Leyendas Cubanas in the D.R. They believe strongly in box-press cigars, entuabado rolling – and go through eight fermentation cycles for all of their cigars.

Listener Feedback & Stogies of the Week

Listener Feedback

Malcom from New York writes in:

Just a note of thank you, for the on going education/entertainment you gentlemen have provided. The local brick and mortar, (22 miles away), went under. Thanks to no less than three discount operation, less than three miles away! Plus in upstate NY, with insane tax load, you needed a second cash crop….and the mag and comic route is now a dirt road. So on line or the local stale disconnects was the only only choice. Stogie geeks to the rescue! I began to study and learn….and pick corona first….look for box dates….trying to avoid the lawn mulch!

Now my note of joy! While searching for a brick and mortar closer than 65 miles…I got a little blip in an upscale shopping town between Syracuse and Utica. And only 18 miles from a Post Office I work in, three times a week. With a two hour lunch…and good roads between point a and point b….. set out to find Shangra La! Did I call first no….did I travel the speed limit…sort of….would I have enough time to shop….15 mins would be stretching it…..

I found the store front….#6 W Park Way…..I opened the door….

There were tea towels and china, fine chocolate ……and a walk in humidor, at the rear. A well dressed, white haired lady smiled at me as I quickly wove through the tea pots and stepped inside. I had to remind myself to multitask, you know, breath in….and breath out. The Spirit of Stogie Santa was whispering in my ear as I looked from one box to the next. And with great delight….I mispronounced all the Spanish names.

I walked out with a beautiful Maduro rapped stick, and rushed to pay for my prize and hurry back to work. The afore mentioned lady gently bagged my cigar and said…” Go choice, I love these….it’s a toro with a slow burn, give yourself the time to enjoy it!”. I must have done a quick look about, with a puzzled expression. She laughed…” This is my place..I love fine China….I love to eat chocolate….and I love to smoke good cigars.”

Oh yea….I got back to the post office on time.

Keep up the wonderful job!
Now I’m gonna smoke it cuz I got it!!!


Stogie of the Week

Viaje Satori Zen (2010)

Pre-Release Review from Coop

Here are the facts on the Viaje Satori.

Wrapper: Double Oscuro
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan

Word is there are about 150 boxes for each of these sizes being allocated:

Karma – Robusto – 5″ X 52
Nirvana – Toro – 6″ X 50
Zen – Double Ended Box Press Perfecto – 6.75″ X 52

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