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Interview: Barry Stein (Miami Cigar Company)



Stogie of the Week: Añoranzas

The cigars which are made in Nicaragua feature a Nicaraguan Habano Oscuro wrapper, with Nicaraguan grown binder and fillers. They will be available in both 10 count and 20 count boxes in the following sizes:

Robusto ($6.50 MSRP)
Toro ($7.50 MSRP)
Belicoso ($7.80 MSRP)
Gran Toro ($8.50 MSRP)

What We Have Been Smoking

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Stogie Tips & Tricks

So, I got some cigars in the mail. They sat on my front porch for a few hours BAKING in the hot sun. It was like 90 degrees and 100% humidity that day. The cigars were HOT to touch! I removed them from the boxes. I then removed the humidity packs from the bags. I let them sit in my house for several hours, bringing them down to 70 degrees. Then I put them in the fridge for about 12 hours, then the freezer for the same, then back in the fridge for 12 hours. Then, I will let them sit in the humidor (temperature controlled at 65/65 humidity) for at least a week before I smoke them.

I had a cigar with a slight tear in the wrapper. Smoke was coming out of it. I took a cigar from the ashtray, cut it in a good spot. I removed the wrapper, licking it good. Then I applied it to the tear, licking it some more. One problem down. Then the cigar had a void. So I took some of the filler from the cigar I had taken apart earlier, rolled it up, and plugged the hole, twice. While not the greatest smoking experiment, if you are determined, you can fix it!


Listen to this episode for the contest question to win an Anoranza gift set!

Answer to previous contest question of “What cigar that appears on both Highlight Cigars and Tim’s 2012 Top Ten List.” is: EP Carrillo Short Run 2012 – aka – E.P. Carrillo New Wave Connecticut Short Run

Thanks to: Jason at HightLight Cigars

This epic prize pack includes:

  • CyB Corona Real
  • My Father Belicoso
  • La Palina Kill Bill
  • Cain F Lancero
  • Padron 1964 Maduro Superior
  • Quesada Jalapa Belicoso
  • EP Carrillo Short Run 2012
  • L’ Atelier Tramp Stamp
  • Room 101 Serie SA 2013
  • Fuente Anejo Shark (HTF Winner)
  • Padilla Series ’68 Torpedo (Value Winner)

Winner: Jim V.