5 X 50 Robusto

Wrapper: Corojo 5th Priming

Binder: Corojo

Filler: Corojo 3rd Priming


I would go through the entire rebranding effort that Camacho has done, but Will has a great article that does that for me.(http://www.cigar-coop.com/2013/06/feature-story-and-preview-look-at.html)  With that out of the way , lets get down to business here.  I did not find this cigar to be all that “bold.”  In fact I found it to be rather mundane.  It did start off with a nice corojo sweetness, but it did not hold up for very long.  After the first third I did not get much flavor at all as a matter of fact.  I did not find the cigar to be bitter or anything like that, but I do think these should be left for fishing trips of golfing.