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Interview: Aging Room Cigars

Rafael Nodal and Hank Bischoff are the founders of Oliveros Cigars. In 2012, after nearly ten years in business, the company made a bold step of forming a subsidiary called Boutique Blends cigars. The focus of this group was to produce small batch and complex blends. The Aging Room and Swag lines were moved under the Boutique Blends umbrella. Since then, this has become the centerpiece of the company as they have garnered critical acclaim and commercial success.

Stogie of the Week: Aging Room Maduro

Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Binder and Filler: Dominican Habano
Presto: 4 1/2 x 48 (MSRP $8.25 Per Box)
Rondo: 5 x 50 (MSRP $8.65)

What We Have Been Smoking

The complete list of all cigars discussed in this segment can be found on the Episode 73 Stogies Page.

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Segment: Finding Rare & Limited Cigars

Our listeners and viewers have a very diverse cigar profile, with factors such as price, availability and personal preference all weighing in on a regular basis. As such, we really do try to talk about all types of cigars. If its a handmade cigar and you can smoke, we’re going to talk about it. There are over 870 min-reviews on our Stogies feed. If you can’t find something in there that suites you, well, sorry, we’ll try harder.

Having said that, we do talk about limited and/or rare cigars on the show. Its not because we think we are special (though, I would say we are all “special” in our own “special” way). There are several rare and/or limited cigars that catch our attention that we have an opportunity to smoke. So, lets talk about some ways in which you can find the very same stuff:

  1. Online – Look, its not 1999 anymore, people buy stuff on the Internet. People buy cigars on the Internet too, and that likely will not change (sure there may be tax implications, but whatever). There are literally hundreds of choices out there for buying cigars online, and even many who will offer rare or limited cigars. Here are a few that I use:
    • – If you sign up for the VIP program( $80 per year) you get advanced notice of limited releases. There are also a few gems that crop up every now and again if you look closely.
    • – They even have their own limited cigars for sale here too! I’ve ordered their Anarchy line by Tatuaje, and the original Padron 6×60 from here. They also carry Davidoff limited releases, and this is where I got those La Aurora Corojo limiteds.
    • – They have a great selection of limited edition cigars.
    • – One of the larger ones, but I have found some gems on their site with the help of a friends. You can find coupons for this site as well.
  2. Online Auctions – We did an entire segment on the show on online cigar auctions. The two I’ve used are:
    • – I got some really nice limited Opus on at least two separate occasions here.
    • – Have to keep a close eye on this one, sometimes really awesome stuff comes up for auction, and cheap.
  3. Your Local Shop – Okay, your local shop is not going to get every limited edition cigar on the planet. However, it never hurts to ask what they have in stock or what they have ordered. Maybe you plant a bug in their ear, such as “Hey, I really want xyz limited cigar from abc company”. Then, the next day they get a call from abc company asking if they want xyz limited cigar. If not even one customer has mentioned xyz limited cigar, chances are they won’t bring it in. So, rally the troops! Work with your local shops. Also, they may be able to get you stuff as a favor as well.
  4. B&M’s Across the Country – First, don’t be afraid to call a B&M store and ask to buy stuff over the phone. They may have stuff sitting around that the local folks don’t want, and you can grab a box and make someone’s day. Also, when you or your friends travel, visit the local shop. See if they have anything limited for sale, then buy it. I’ve found some really awesome cigars, such as the one I reviewed this week (Cien Anos, the original release I found in MD on sale and bought almost a full box).