Aging Room WildPack T 248 WP 1

Wrapper: Not disclosed
Binder: Not disclosed
Filler: Not disclosed
Vivace: 6 x 50
Price: $97.00 for WildPack sampler

The Aging Room WildPack T248 is one of five blends included in Boutique Blends Aging Room WildPack sampler. The concept gives cigar enthusiasts an opportunity to select what an upcoming release will be under the Aging Room Cigars line. The WildPack is sold in a ten count sampler pack consisting of five unique blends with two cigars each. Cigar enthusiasts can then go to a web-site provided by Aging Room Cigars and score a blend based on various attributes.

While I don’t know if this is a shade grown Connecticut seed wrapper, this cigar sure smokes like it. It is a mild to medium strength and mild to medium-bodied offering. The flavors are a mix of citrus, wood, cream, and cedar spice.

Overall it was a solid release, and certainly one that could be a worthy candidate to be the next Aging Room. It is worth a five pack in my book.