Viaje Zombie Antidote
Wrapper: Not disclosed
Binder: Not disclosed
Filler: Not disclosed
Londsale: 6 1/4 x 44
Price: $9.00

This cigar was reviewed in depth on Stogie Geeks.

If you watched Episode 86 of Stogie Geeks, Andre Farkas broke news of this cigar exclusively to us.

This definitely was an “anti Zombie” blend, but it delivered some great flavors. The Antidote provided notes of cherry, earth, cream, cedar and pepper. There is more sweetness up front. The second third delivers more in the way of cedar, and the last third sees an increase in the pepper. This is not a powerhouse Zombie blend as this is a medium strength and medium-bodied cigar, but it works for this blend. Construction was excellent.

This is a nice release for the series. It is definitely worth a fiver. The packaging is really cool for this one.

Viaje Zombie Antidote Jar