Camacho Liberty 2014 copy

Wrapper: Habano Ecuador (2005 Vintage)
Binder: Corojo 2006
Filler: Nicaraguan, Dominican
11/18: 6 x 48/54/48
Price: $17.00

Camacho Liberty 2014 Coffin

This cigar was assessed in depth on Cigar Coop.

The Camacho Liberty is the latest in this annual limited edition series that has been a tradition from Camacho Cigars for quite a while. Once again, production is limited to 40,000 cigars and each cigar is packaged in an individual coffin box. There are 20 coffin boxes in a an actual cigar box.

The past few years, the Camacho Liberty releases have been good, but really lacked “wow” factor. The Liberty had notes of earth, chocolate, grass,cedar, and pepper. I will say there was an interesting graham cracker sweetness midway through this cigar. I found the cigar to be mostly medium to full-bodied, but progress to full-bodied in the last third. I found the strength to be medium progressing to medium to full in the last third. No issues on the burn and draw.

It’s a nice cigar. Even with the graham cracker note, it didn’t have a lot of wow factor. However that was enough to lift it to a Fiver in my book.