I could not find anything about the this cigar other that it was blended by Pete Johnson for the Gwar-BQ and I found a picture or two.  This is presumably a 5 X 50 robusto, and is wrapped in a CT broadleaf maduro wrapper.  (The rustic feel and look paired with the distinct aroma of broadleaf is what I am basing that off of.)  It also has that signature closed foot that Pete employs on many of his limited editions. 

This smoke starts off with a pepper blast and a descent amount of strength.  After about an inch the cigar really starts to liven up with a nice dark chocolate and coffee flavor.  The barnyard comes back a a little but goes before the final third.  And all the while the pepper remains in the background.  I think that this cigar has some real aging potential, so all that being said this cigar is offered in 3 packs but I would give it a rating of a box split as if they were 20 count boxes.  Plus where are you going to get an intergalactic metal cigar from?