7 1/2 X 46

Wrapper: Ecuadorian CT Seed

Binder and Filler: Dominican


Coop gave the lowdown on this cigar back in July.  Joel Sherman is the son of the founder of Nat Sherman in NYC, the current president and CEO, and for whom this cigar is to celebrate.  Stogie Santa also mentioned this smoke last week, and since he spoke so highly of it I as very eager to give this a try.  When I just started smoking cigars I was not a big fan of CT shade wrapped cigars, but over the past few years I have come around.

First and foremost, just from the looks you can tell that this is going to be a premium smoke. The box and the band are both high end but understated.  The box imagery reminds me of the front of a base drum sitting in front of a big band.  With all of that said, the look of the cigar really lives up to it.  The wrap is a silky smooth light tan color with no veins at all and an incredibly smooth feel. 

If that wasn’t enough the flavor was awesome as well.  The creamy silky nature of the CT was really there, as well as a nice cedar and leather as well.  But, the nicest part to me was the delicate spice that was present throughout the entire stick.  To me it really tied the experience together nicely.  This cigar is definitely worthy of a bout with old Chucky, and could easily become oasis.