Vegas Robaina Famosos

Wrapper: Cuban
Binder: Cuban
Filler: Cuban
Famosos: 5 x 48
Price: ~$9.25

Vegas Robaina is a brand created in 1997 by Habanos SA in 1997. This is the famed farm that was run by Don Alejandro Robaina and now run by Hirochi Robaina. Located in the Vuelta Abajo This farm produces some of the most coveted Cuban tobacco in the world.

Seth’s Humidor contains some great background information on this brand and in particular this cigar.

This is my first time smoking any Vegas Robaina and I really enjoyed this cigar. It delivers notes of coffee bean, cedar. This cigar definitely has a “Cuban twang” to it. Perhaps the most interesting quality is what Mark Jr once described as Cuban Crispness – I couldn’t agree more. This cigar was medium in terms of strength and body.

The draw was excellent. I did find this cigar burned warm toward the very end and while it throw a slight harsh note at thee end, I still very much enjoyed this cigar. I’d still put this as Box Worthy, but it has the potential to go higher.