Byron Siglo XX Londinenses by Selected Tobacco Cedar Sleeve

Wrapper: Not disclosed
Binder: Not disclosed
Filler: Not disclosed
Londinenses: 5 1/2 x 54
Price: $30.00 (Humitube)

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The Byron Siglo XX Londinenses is one of several cigars that is a part of Selected Tobacco’s Byron brand of cigars. Selected Tobacco is run by Nelson Alfonso. Alfonso is a graphic artist who is most famous for doing the artwork and packaging of the Cohiba Behike. In 2012, he launched Selected Tobacco and has three brands – Atabey, Byron, and Bandolero – all of which are positioned to the ultra-premium cigar market. These cigars have previously been limited in distribution due to tobacco constraints, but recently Selected Tobacco’s U.S. Distributor United Cigar Retailers announced the produce would be more widespread available.

There is a historical story tied to it and the Byron brand is no exception. Back in 1848, a cigar brand was created in Cuba called “Lord Byron” by Jose and Eusebio Alfonso, one of which was Alfonso’s great great great grandfather. The original cigar was made in a small factory in Santiago de las Vegas in the Havana province of Cuba. The name Byron honors George Gordon Byron – who was better known as “Lord Byron” – a renowned English poet. The brand lasted for over 80 years before it folded during the Great Depression of the 1930s. One piece of historical significance is that there are some claims the original Lord Byron had a lithographed cigar band and label with a name on it. The brand also might have been the first to use cardboard pack boxes. The brand would be dormant until 1998 when Nelson Alfonso would recover the Byron brand name.

There are three blends in the Byron line – Siglo XIX, Siglo XX, and Siglo XXI. Siglo stands for “century” and the blend names pay homage to the three centuries for which the Byron brand has been active. Each of the blends are unique and as with all of Alfonso’s blend, the tobacco components are not disclosed. Like all brands from Selected Tobacco, the Byron brand is manufactured in Costa Rica. The Byron line is available in various packaging options – from porcelain jars, humidors, to individually humidified tubes called “humitubes”. According to the company, the cigars sit in an aging room for one year before being transported to another facility where they are packaged.

Byron Siglo XX Londinenses by Selected Tobacco Humitube

Byron Siglo XX Londinenses by Selected Tobacco Tube

The Byron provides a mix of sweet natural tobacco, sugar cane, white pepper, and a slight molasses note. The sweetness changes up to more of a fruit flavor in the second third. There is an increase in spice in the second half, but the cigar remains flavorful with no harsh notes. The flavors start of medium-bodied and progress to medium to full by the midpoint – and finally it hits full-bodied at the end. The strength starts out medium and progresses to medium to full in the second.

Overall this is an excellent cigar. While it carries a high price tag, you do get a nice reusable humitube – and a great cigar experience. It’s one I’d fight Chuck Norris for.