2014 07 03 13 22 39

Insert you standard discussion about a few things:

1. The packaging does not affect the flavors of the cigar

2. Some believe Davidoff cigars are overpriced (which is different from expensive)

3. Some dismiss manufactures who produce cigars containing Dominican tobacco, believing it is too mild

So, take all these things out of the picture for a moment:

This is a fantastic cigar. The flavors start off with an herbal profile, then sweetness comes and goes. It picks up in strength towards the end and delivers a fine smoke experience. Its complex, flavorful, keeps you attention, and has great balance.

Sure, its $35.00, has pretty bands and boxes, and all sorts of Dominican tobacco, but I really enjoyed and maybe you will too! One of the things we like our audience to do is expand your pallet, try new things.

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