On July 31, 2020, J.C. Newman started shipping its newest cigar, the YAGUA. For the true StogieGeeks out there you are really going to love this review.  Get ready to geek out! 

The Stogie Story

The Yagua leaf comes from a Cuban royal palm tree and that’s where the review begins. One evening over dinner Owner Drew Newman was having dinner with one of his General Managers, Lazaro Lopez. During the meal, Lazaro shared a great story of his grandfather in the 40’s making cigars. Not having molds or presses, the tobacco would be taken from the curing barns, hand-rolled, and wrapped in the Yagua leaf for bundling and more importantly shape them. The result was a bundle of very uniquely shaped cigars. 

Fast forward to 2020 and we have the first release of the J.C. Newman Yagua Toro! Each box contains 20, delicious, uniquely shaped cigars wrapped in a Yagua leaf.

Vitola: Toro Size: 6×54
Wrapper: Ct Broadleaf Binder: Nicaraguan Filler: Nicaraguan

Appearance (1-25)

My immediate reaction was how very cool these sticks looked. Every one of them is a different shape. It has a chocolate sheen coming off the Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper that makes me want to cut and light……..so let’s go! (Score: 22)

Notes (1-25)

BABAM! Where did that cocoa come from? Immediate cocoa with subtle earthy notes hit me in the first third, the cocoa then turns into a nice mellow smoke with a light spiciness. (Score: 22)

Experience (1-25)

I really enjoyed smoking this stick. The way it felt in my hand with the unique shape paired well the pleasant “mouth feel” when puffing on it. From beginning to finish I enjoyed the entire experience. (Score: 23)


This could easily be a $12 to $18 cigar. Between the notes, the feel, and the experience this amazing value all day. (Score: 24)

Overall Score:  91. — by Nelson DeMelo

StogieGeeks Rating:  Box Worthy